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MELANOMA SUMMARY: A one page summary containing information, self-examination instructions and color photos of moles and early melanomas.

Download How to check your skin for Melanoma

SKIN EXAM: An illustrated one page document with complete instructions for performing a self-skin exam.

Download Body Outlines for Melanoma Skincheck

BODY OUTLINES: Male and female body outlines, front and back, to record notes and mark the locations of suspicous moles or other spots found during self-skin examination.

WHAT TO DO: A one page summary to keep you on the right path if you find a suspicious skin lesion.

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PARENTS SUMMARY: A one page summary for parents of young children. Recommended for pediatricians offices, nursery schools, elementary schools and parent organizations.

A TAN TO DIE FOR: A one page summary of the dangers of tanning beds. Essential reading for teens, young adults, and parents.

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Download How to check your skin for Melanoma


RESUMO EM PORTUGUÊS: Tradução para o Português em duas páginas contendo ilustrações coloridas.

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